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My child was a great person, but my child was being assaulted, and from more than one direction, by really evil people." Sunday, Dec.

7, 2014 was Sydney's first day as an altar server at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, and her last day alive.

She hunted, and fished, and had just started playing around with a guitar.

She had been dating a boy in her grade who, Sellers said, hit every check on the list of traits a parent would want in their daughter's first boyfriend.

As a woman got into his car Moore said “hey Chelsea! As they began chatting, she revealed she was a sex worker on shift and propositioned him for sex, to which he politely declined.

After only driving a block, she got out of his car and once again didn’t correct him when he called her Chelsea.

Sydney was, her mom said with admiration, a free spirt and non-conformist, much like Sellers herself had been all through high school and college. Things had been happening in her young life that her parents knew nothing about, and learned only after they found her hanging from a belt that was looped around her loft bed. I knew the part of her that she wanted me to know," said Sellers, a children's rights attorney.

"But as a parent, it never occurred to me there might be more.The shear size and diversity of Sydney means single people here are time poor.And as such, the online dating scene is alive and active.An Uber driver in Sydney had a strange case of mistaken identity on the evening of April 27 that led to him politely declining a proposition from a sex worker.Daniel Moore was scheduled to pick up a woman named Chelsea in Sydney and pulled over the same location which was flagged on his app.Juggling busy working lives and other commitments means finding places to meet single men and women is tough.